Amazing Views at Stone Canyon

Amazing Views at Stone Canyon

As I was previewing vacant lots out at Stone Canyon yesterday I got to see some breathtaking views. Not the least of which was the just-about-full moon rising just over the gorgeous boulders that litter stone canyon. There is something absolutely amazing about being at the Stone Canyon club. The views are spectacular–the mountains, boulders, cactus, and wildlife combine to present spectacular scenery. What’s even more awe inspiring is how serene the location is. As I marveled at the scene unfolding in front of me, I couldn’t help but notice that the only sounds I could here were the birds and the wind rustling the plant life. All the more amazing is that the pro shop for the golf course is just minutes from restaurants and the night life of Oro Valley. If you have not, you absolutely need to visit the Stone Canyon Club. If you would like to view the amazing homes that this community has to offer, please let me know by calling (520) 907-6789.


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