Exciting Developments at The Stone Canyon Club

Exciting Developments at The Stone Canyon Club

Stone Canyon and its surrounding properties make up one of the most exclusive luxury golf communities located in the Tucson area. It is situated just north of Tucson, in the Tortolita Mountains in Oro Valley. This private golf community sits on over 1,400 acres of land. It boasts a Jay Morrish designed golf course ranked in the top 100 in the United States. Beyond the golf course, Stone Canyon also has a health and fitness facility and spa worth writing home about. The health and fitness facility boasts state of the art machinery, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

The Stone Canyon community also has two dining locations on site. If you thought you would to leave this community to find great food you thought wrong! These locations have great food, and furthermore, they do not have a minimum amount you need to spend — unlike most other golf communities. There is also catering available, allowing residents to have this gourmet food at their home events.

Kelly Mainvielle, the membership director at Stone Canyon, is excited about what Stone Canyon has to offer in the New Year, stating: “the Stone Canyon Club is pleased to announce two exciting developments; the availability of non-property memberships and the construction of a new Clubhouse. For the first time ever, golfers can experience the beauty and challenge of one of the best Golf Courses in Arizona at affordable rates, without purchasing property! Clubhouse construction will begin in the summer of 2013 and we are excited to begin this new phase at Stone Canyon!” Now, non-residents can see what the club has to offer before committing to buying property.

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