Golf Home Luxury at a Value

Golf Home Luxury at a Value

Golf Home Luxury at a Value

If you are a retiree looking for a warm, cheerful, and sunny place to retire, you may have considered living somewhere relaxed, slow-paced, and beautiful, with a climate that will let you golf year-round. Maybe the idea of Arizona has occurred to you? When selecting top golf destinations, you might have considered somewhere in the large and lively Phoenix area such as Scottsdale or somewhere a little more peaceful, and tucked-away, like Tucson. Both towns offer beautiful desert views and high quality golfing designed by some of the most famous golf course designers ever. There may be some things though that make Tucson especially a good fit for you. One such thing may be value.

Before considering value though, an overview of what the area offers, and what makes it unique may be helpful. As opposed to the hustle-and-bustle of an large or overcrowded city, tucked-away Tucson is reminiscent of the Old West. If what you want is a slow pace and weather that is a bit cooler, nothing may fit that need more than Tucson. Tucson is also known for a close knit community – especially one that supports the local University, and its athletes, the Wildcats. Tucson is also known for having a very special culinary heritage and many artistic venues such as opera, symphony, theater, and more. And each year, the Rodeo is celebrated. This is just a small selection of the items that a retiree may enjoy seeking out. Others may include seeking out craft and farmers markets, exploring the annual gem shows, visiting desert museums, and walking or wildlife-watching at beautiful local canyons.

Of course, we know that a nice home and golf may be the top things bringing you here. So, when you are considering golf estate properties in Scottsdale and Tucson, you might find that you get more of what you are looking for at a more reasonable cost in Tucson. Both Tucson and Scottsdale feature communities with world-class golf courses designed by Jay Moorish. Moorish left the Nicklaus organization in the 1980’s to design world-class golf courses with golfer Tom Weiskopf. Moorish designed Troone North in Scottsdale, and Stone Canyon in the Tortolita Mountains, near Tucson. Moorish mentioned his Stone Canyon golf course to be one of his finest achievements ever – because “the course has all of the ingredients to make it the best course he has ever done.”

To do a financial comparison of homes that are 5,000 square feet or more and cost in the million dollar plus range, a Troone North home, on average, is running $292.70 per square foot. At Stone Canyon, a comparable home runs, on average, $224.89 per square foot. For a 5,000 square foot home, you will save about $350,000 in Tucson.

So, yes, cost is very likely in your favor in Tucson. But beyond that, all of the wonderful things that make Tucson the gem that it is, may be the biggest value of all to you.


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