Summer Golf in Tucson

Summer Golf in Tucson

Tucson’s climate is one of the best in the country for playing golf. Sunshine is plentiful and temperatures are very moderate for 9 months out of the year. However, what about the summer months of June and July and August when temperatures can reach 100 degrees or above? Golfers from many areas of the country could not imagine playing golf in these high temperatures, but in reality, it is usually just fine. In a typical year, there are only about 50 days out of 365 that reach these highs. “It’s a dry heat,” is an old joke in Tucson, but is very true. Tucson has low humidity levels not found in most areas of the country. Without the humidity, golfers are not as fatigued by the heat. 102 degrees in Tucson is much nicer than 90 degrees and 80% humidity in many areas of the country and definitely better than the higher humidity and 110 to 115 degrees in Scottsdale. If you start early in the morning, you can be off the course before it ever hits 100.

Adapting to golf in the desert is simple and very obvious for the higher temperature days. First, don’t forget to use sunscreen and keep a small bottle in your bag. Second, take plenty of water with you and wear your favorite golf hat. Placing water bottles overnight in the freezer is a good idea, yet most courses have plenty of water and ice available. Third, take a wet towel and place it around your neck, which makes quite a difference. Once you drive in the golf cart, the breeze will cool you off between holes. Tucson is a lush desert, so most courses have shade trees, which offer a refreshing place to park while out on the course.

If you do not belong to a golf club, and like to play all of the courses in the area, the best thing about summer golf in Tucson is that it is cheap. Early morning tee times are the best, but afternoon prices are even better.

If you are looking for an active retirement lifestyle, consider Tucson and you will never have to worry about the lack of golf or tennis days. For more information on Tucson’s great housing market or golf or retirement communities, view Tucson’s golf community expert at or call Broker Bill Anderson or follow him on facebook.


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