Wise Time for Luxury in Tucson

Wise Time for Luxury in Tucson

Knowing when to buy or sell can be an art for some, a science for others, and can even be a mixture of both. When it comes to being a science, real estate brokers often analyze MLS reports – statistical reports showing the current state of affairs in regards to homes being sold. Right now appears to be a very good time to buy in Tucson, especially in the luxury home market.

November showed a 3.8% increase in Average Sales Price over October. The Average List Price increased 4.34% and is up 18.54% from November 2011. Average Sales Price year-to-date 2012 over 2011 is an 11.94% increase. Year-to-date Home Sales Units in 2012 compared to 2011 is a 5.71% increase. Sales volume for the same timeframe is an 11.94% increase.

For the Tucson luxury home market, homes over $1,000,000, the Sales Unit Volume increased 11% from September, October, and November 2011 to the same months in 2012. There was a 42% increase in $1,000,000+ home sales in the same months from 2010 compared to 2012. Average price per square foot remained virtually the same from 2011 to 2012.

These statistics are good news for those looking to purchase a Tucson luxury home. While the luxury home market is increasing in sales, the price has not yet increased like the rest of the market. That makes right now a great time to take advantage of much lower prices in the luxury market before they follow suit with the rest of the market and increase.

At Tucson Golf Estates, we are happy to provide you information and expert advice on which properties show the best price advantages right now. We would also like to show you the trends that have appeared over time in the luxury golf communities in Tucson. And finances aside, we can help direct you to the properties that will most closely match the quality of life that you are looking for.


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